Jackie Morris’s The Unwinding is not meant to be read from cover to cover. It is a book for dreamers. Slight of word, rich of image, its purpose is to ease the soul.

The images for The Unwinding were worked in watercolour over years, through time, in and out of books. They carried stories that were spoken only in pigment and never in letters. All were made as a way to unwind the tension brought on by the stresses of the everyday: work, home, life. Each image carries as many stories as there are people who look at them. The words in The Unwinding only pin one version to the pages.

The Unwinding is an invitation to shape-shift. It leaves space for the reader’s imagination. The images and words are catalysts for the minds of dreamers and are not prescriptive.

The Unwinding Page 25

The Silent Unwinding is a companion to The Unwinding. It contains within it images that tell stories, but it reads like a silent film. Each of the images is an invitation to dream, and where in The Unwinding the stories are pinned to the page by words, here they are free, fluid, evolving.

Shaped over time and in and out of years, at times when life became too constricting, too tight, each image was an unwinding for its maker, a way of easing the soul through shape, pigment and story.

The Silent Unwinding leaves space for its reader to shape their own dreams using these silent stories as a catalyst. The space can be filled with whatever you wish – image, word, collage – because the space is yours.

Eva’s Notes

Eva has written sets of notes on each of the ‘Unwindings’:

The Unwinding Page 23