Teaching Notes

The Day War Came

Nicola Davies & Rebecca Cobb


Nicola Davies & Emily Sutton

King of the Sky

Nicola Davies & Laura Carlin



Nicola Davies



Nicola Davies & Emily Sutton


Nicola Davies & Cathy Fisher

The Pond

Nicola Davies & Cathy Fisher


Ride the Wind

Nicola Davies & Salvatore Rubbino

Dragon Shield

Charlie Fletcher & Nick Tankard

Far Rockaway

Charlie Fletcher

Osbert the Avenger

Christopher William Hill


Grandad Mandela

Zindzi Mandela, Zazi Mandela, Ziwelene Mandela, Zondwa Mandela & Sean Qualls


James Mayhew

Caddy’s World

Hilary McKay


Mrs Noah's Garden

Jackie Morris & James Mayhew

Through the Eyes of Me

Jon Roberts & Hannah Rounding

“Graffeg have had the pleasure of working with Eva on a number of projects over the past few years, furnishing us with an added educational resource for many of our books. Work of the highest standard is always completed on time and I would happily recommend Eva to anyone looking for top quality teachers' notes to accompany their texts.”

Matthew Howard | Publishing Director, Graffeg

Comprehensive teachers’ notes designed to develop critical thinking skills and a more sophisticated, considered response to texts and illustrations.

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The notes provide:

  • open-ended discussion points and activities to encourage the development of pupil independence, collaborative working and problem-solving
  • use of talking and writing partners to build pupil confidence
  • reading comprehension skills – literal, deductive, inferential, analytical, evaluative
  • vocabulary enrichment
  • drama activities
  • evaluation of, and innovation on, author techniques
  • research opportunities
  • stimulating writing and creative activities in response to text and illustrations
  • pupil engagement and creativity at the heart of activities
  • awareness of purpose and audience and selection of appropriate form, style, register and medium of communication.